Noted Cades Standard & Poor's will stop, as assessed by Moody's and Fitch

The rating agency Standard & Poor's (SP) on Monday stopped noticing sinking fund social debt (Cades) after the latter chose not to be followed by its rivals Moody's and Fitch.

In a statement, SP confirmed Cades ratings of AA +, while choosing not to record it as she wanted more.

The rating agency said you do not want to assign a rating CADES undesirable as it may be sometimes.

For its part, Cades, which raises funds for social security debt, said Friday it had retained only as credit rating agencies Moody's and Fitch after the public announcement.

President Cades, Patrice Ract-Madoux was in February 2012 proved to be very critical of the methodology of Standard & Poor's, which was at the time of the private fund its triple A few days after doing the same with France.