Best Forex indicator in The World

In this chance I will review about one of the best forex indicator in the world. This technical indicator made by Dean Malone. If you are an experienced trader then you will know this indicator. The calculation formula of this forex indicator already upgraded to many forex trading platform such as metatrader 4 and metatrader 5. This indicator is called as TDI or traders dynamic index. There are so many foreign exchange traders around the world use this tool. They usually use this indicator to analyze the trend direction of the market and to catch the momentum opportunities. That is why this tool, due to its potentials, a leading indicator trading.

Traders dynamic index or TDI indicator trades some of the most accurate technical indicator such as Relative strength index to read the market trend direction and to catch the momentum of the market price.
TDI indicator brings us the main condition of the currency pair you place it and give you the situation we are in a uptrend or downtrend. You an use this tool as standalone indicator, I recommended to use other trading tool, combine with this indicator.

How to use Traders Dynamic index ?
You can open a short trading position if the green line is bellow red line or the red and green line are bellow the yellow line.
You can open a long trading position if the green line is above red line, or the red and green line are above the yellow line.